We provide all types of logistics and project management activities.
Corporate Services

Services offered by Daivat Solutions (India) to its overseas Principals:

  • Business Development
  • Technical Support Service
  • Logistics
  • Project Management.


  • To identify potential customers in India for the range of equipment and services offered by our principals.
  • To identify the Indian customers, proper equipment and services from the world market in the way of organizing workshops and giving presentations at all levels.
  • Marketing company, product brochures and materials with the end users.
  • To aggressively market and promote our Principals equipment and services in the Indian market.
  • To liaise effectively with the Indian Customers as well as our Principals in order to promote a seamless interaction and understanding of the products and services offered.


  • To perform a result oriented follow-up both with Indian Customers and our Principals in order to achieve successful completion of the project.
  • To provide technical professionals in support of individual project in specialized areas.
  • To support the equipment after sales within India in our equipped facility by our qualified technical staff.
  • To undertake maintenance contracts and stock spares for equipment provided by our Principals.
  • Undertake Post Warranty Support and handle local installation and general service/training


  • To identify, structure, implement and manage high technology investment/ joint venture opportunities in partnership with Indian companies. 
  • To provide information about the current government, economic and industrial policies of India, as well as to furnish legal and financial information with relevance to the Indian Environment. 
  • A study for local infrastructure required for entering of a company in Indian Market.
  • Local company and corporation rules and regulations.
  • Recent financial, economic and industrial policy of Government of India.
  • Recommend suitable local legal, accountancy, and company solicitors/consultants in India. 
  • Arrange relevant appointments, and appropriate meetings on behalf of the visiting company officials seeking business relations with India.
  • Sourcing for the availability of hardware & software
  • Providing infrastructure for offices and sourcing of manpower for all kind of technical, marketing as well as administrative support.
  • Documentation assistance for foreign personnel required for projects in India


  • To provide professional services for the implementation of the project.
  • Dedicated services from one of the qualified management team who is designated as Project Manager.
  • Providing Technical support in respect of resourcing qualified professionals locally to minimize financial implications on our Principals.
  • Commercial follow-ups for the timely payments of dues to our Principals from the Indian Customer.
  • Representation to various project meetings, there-by reducing travel costs to our Principals.

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